OCT 21st - 22 nd Rome - Italy



The call for abstracts for this edition of the ICEHTMC is introducing a new format to promote more ideas and participation. We are launching the CED Health Technology Challenge, a contest of ideas, experiences and projects open to the whole healthcare community: biomedical and clinical engineers, healthcare structures, research centres, universities, industry and citizens.

The Health Technology Challenge (HT Challenge) is an opportunity to share experiences and innovative solutions, that can inspire best practices in Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management, through the involvement of all the actors of the health system and the use of technologies in their widest sense. The HT Challenge intend the world “technology” in its broader sense, as per WHO definition, including medical devices, electromedical equipment, health processes, tools and any sort of organised knowledge that can be useful to improve healthcare services.

The HT Challenge is an opportunity to promote innovation by sharing experiences in the field. A place, physical and virtual, to explore and search ideas, experiences and partners.

The HT Challenge is launched with the III ICEHTMC, constituting the “call for abstracts” for this year’s conference. Through the HT Challenge the scientific committee will select the best works that will have space for an oral presentation during the parallel sessions of the congress. Moreover, all selected works will have the opportunity to be presented in the form of a poster and there is also a student paper competition.

In fact, the parallel sessions of the congress will be structured around these topics as well:
  1. Health Technology Assessment
  2. Medical equipment management in hospitals
  3. ICT and medical informatics
  4. Health Operations/Project Management
  5. Clinical risk management, safety, emergency preparedness
  6. Development of innovative devices
  7. Design of health facilities
  8. Technologies for home care
  9. International standards and regulations
  10. Education, certification, training
  11. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data
  12. Global challenges, sustainable development
Each registered participant can submit max 3 contributions as "presenting author".

Student paper competition

Among the contribution submitted for the HT Challenge, particular attention will be given to contributions submitted by students, and an additional evaluation will be done as a student paper competition. Students are in fact encouraged to participate in the HT Challenge. The submission system will give you the opportunity to tick a box to highlight that the main author is a student, if you are interested in participating to the competition

To be eligible for the Student Paper Competition the presenting author must be a student working towards their BSC, MSC or PhD degree, and less than 35 years old on the 1st day of the ICEHTMC Congress.


All submitted abstracts will be evaluated according to three criteria:
  • Intrinsic quality: robustness of the text, clarity of exposition, methodological rigor
  • Originality and innovation
  • Applicability to healthcare structures, exportability to other contexts, scalability

Each work will go through three evaluation steps.

First step: admission to the HT Challenge

A technical jury will evaluate each of the works received for admission to the final stage of the HT Challenge with possible reassignment of the thematic area, where deemed necessary. All the admitted works will be published on the website of the ICEHTMC conference - 2019 and made visible to everyone also after the conference. Each work will have its dedicated page!

Second step: awarding of the prizes for each category and oral sessions presentation

The finalists will then be evaluated by the scientific committee, with specialist juries identified for each thematic area and composed by authoritative professionals in the specific sector, who will select the best works for each of the thematic areas, also selecting the winner for each category. The best works in each category can be presented orally during one of the scientific sessions of the conference

Third step: awarding of the HT Challenge 2019 winner

The three absolute best works, and the final winner of the HT Challenge 2019, will finally be selected through a balanced mix of the evaluations by the scientific committe (as in step 2) and a “popular voting” that will be open on the ICEHTMC website to all visitors of the site, that can place a “like” to any of the submitted works.

Student Competition winner

The works flagged for the student paper competition, will also be evaluated separately by the student paper competition committee and a special award will be dedicated to this category.

In addition to the possibility to give an oral presentation, the best works will be given an award during the conference gala dinner. The best works selected in the HT Challenge will also be invited to prepare a full paper to be published in a special issue of the Global Clinical Engineering Journal.